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Snakes are very poisonious and deadly animals and so many people just fear the mere sight of them. Right from the begining of creation enemity was put by God between man and the snake and till today men both old and young take to their heels whenever they sight their …

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Ghana2Pac Sends A Gratitude Message To b2dhopeNation

Fast risen rhymer on the streets of Ghana Nima known as Ghana2Pac aka Supa took to his twitter handle to show gratitude to one of the biggest duo artists in Ghana b2dopeNation the hit makers of “Eish” He wrote as follows ” I was on the street from studio to …

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Who Said Stonebwoy Killed His Mum Finally REVEALED

Shatta Wale has always been a blowhard who says what he wants without thinking then benefiting from the controversy that ensures afterwards – but for some reason he’s fighting really hard to deny he ever said Stonebwoy killed his mum. Wale has personally denied saying that in a recent interview …

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Residents blame collapsed bridge for death of pregnant woman

A pregnant woman in labour died tragically at Gor Kukani in the Zabzugu district because of delays in reaching a hospital due to a collapsed bridge. The bridge collapsed after three-day of torrential rains when the river under it overflowed its bank. The bridge links Gor Kukani and other surrounding …

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