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‘Dilapidated Koforidua Police bungalow could collapse soon’ – Occupants warn

The Koforidua Galloway Police bungalows were constructed in the early 1970s

The dilapidated nature of apartments housing personnel of the Eastern Regional Police Command has left officers and their families in fear, who say the structures could collapse anytime soon.

The Koforidua Galloway Police bungalows, as they are known, were constructed in the early 1970s, but have not seen any major renovation.

Citi News’ visit to the area revealed that, all the six-storey blocks, which house over 1000 police officers and their families, had deep cracks and holes all over with exposed iron rods.

The concrete, plastering and blocks on the walls and buildings are also falling apart, with electric wires and cables all exposed, posing danger to both occupants and visitors.

The wife of a senior police officer told Citi News she fears the buildings will collapse anytime soon.

“We are indeed worried and concerned about the state of our building. We have been here for quite some time but nothing in the form rehabilitation has been done. All we see is people coming to take pictures of the collapsing building every year but nothing comes out of it. We do not have any alternative or option than to be here with our children and we pray it does not collapse just like in the case of the Melcom disaster in Accra.”

Prosper Tsormana, a concerned citizen who had come to visit his friend at the bungalow, described the state of the buildings as a time bomb.

“I stay just across the street away from Block B and my friends are here. The state of the structure is just unacceptable, everything is collapsing and it is just a matter of time for delegation of government officials to as usual come around to extend their condolence should these structures collapse. This is just a time bomb waiting to explode with a little ignition from a strong wind or rain.”

Some senior and junior officers who were worried about the state of the bungalows declined to comment on the situation for fear of victimization.

The leadership of the Eastern Regional Command also refused to comment when contacted by Citi News.

This is the state of most police bungalows across the country.



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