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Joshua Alabi, Foh Amoaning ‘partner’ in anti-gay activism

[From left to right] Foh Amoaning and Joshua Alabi
Two respected men, Prof Joshua Alabi and Mr Moses Foh Amoaning have together over the previous week launched avalanche of attacks against all moves- even mere thoughts- of the possibility of gay rights in Ghana, as MyNewsGh.com reported.

The duo, in a partnership that seemed built to last, took turns to chastise British Prime Minister, Theresa May for her gay remarks directed at Ghanaian President Akufo-Addo and Ghanaians in general.

The crusade for gay rights and acceptance of homosexuality as a practice in Ghana is likely to suffer major setbacks over the partnership between these two influential lecturers, with one retired and pursuing politics.

“We don’t need that help, we don’t need that help. What we need from them is fair trade, respect and recognition If somebody respects you and in his country he does not talked about bringing a law to legalised homosexuality but you are trying to import what’s in yours, it doesn’t show respect. We have our values, respect them”. Prof Alabi had blasted Theresa May.

Prof. Alabi also noted that “We are in different conditions so they should just leave us to operate taking in consideration our values and way of life”

On Class FM on Monday, 30 April 2018, the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Joshua Alabi renewed his attacks, saying Ghanaians are not even willing to discuss the subject matter.

“I’m a Christian, and we don’t believe in that, I know Muslims also don’t believe in that, I know our traditionalist also don’t believe in that and these three segments contribute to 99 per cent of our people and it simply tells us that we don’t believe in that [homosexuality]. So, we should be bold enough to tell them.” He said.

“In that country for example, I don’t think they will legalise polygamy and we’ll not push them to do that and we’ll also plead with them not to push us into this discussion. We don’t even want the discussion, it’s not good for us, and I think this is what we should be doing as leaders of the country, we should just send the signal straight to them and they may stop and we’ll not be discussing this every day.”

His partner in the fight against legalization had even more uncharitable words for a U.N. Human rights rapporteur for his remarks on gay issues in Ghana: “He (UN official) is an idiot. He is stupid”, Foh Amoaning blasted.

The private legal practitioner, lecturer and fierce critic of homosexuality, Moses Foh-Amoaning, continues to maintain his disposition against attempts by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community to have same-sex marriage legalised.

Contrary to the principal argument posited by homosexuals that their human rights are being violated because of the sexual orientation, the anti-gay campaigner believes same-sex marriage is not human and hence cannot be considered as such. He said Gays are sick and need healing.

“People are beginning to realise that there is lot of propaganda, a lot of falsehood about homosexuality, for example it’s not a human right. In November 47 judges unanimously ruled in European human rights court that same-sex marriage wasn’t a human right. Why is it that the BBC has not talked about this, CNN has not talked about this, they’ve shelved it because they know it is against their agenda…All that propaganda is thrown out of the window because it’s not a human right because if it was a human right, if I wanted to have sex with a dog, a cat, those who practice bestiality, we can also say they are practicing their human rights”

So far as Gay rights is concerned, Moses Foh Amoaning in particular, more than his counterpart, has carved a reputation of being a passionate anti-gay rights crusader.

As more microphones are shoved in the two partners faces, MyNewsGh.com can’t tell for now, who will take the lead in the second leg of the activism and public commentary.



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