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Ladies Will Give You S£X For Cash And Fame Later Accuse You Of Rape-KKD

Kwesi Kyei Darkwah

Kwesi Kyei Darkwah the veteran Ghanaian showbiz personality who was accused of rape by 17-year-old Ewureffe has jumped to the defense of Lawyer Anthony Forson Jnr who has been accused of rape by Canadian based Ghanaian lawyer, Kuukuwa Andam.

According to KKD who was acquited and discharged for rape when Ewureffe expressed no more interest in pursuing the rape case against him, women will freely give themselves to a man in exchange for a variety of things including money, job, pleasure and many other things and later turn around to accuse the man of rape.

KKD cautioned against gullible accepting these accusations from some women whose actions have the ability to destroy a man forever just for their hate and jealous accusations.

In God we trust. For all else, verification is urgently required.
Any person can claim, allege, professor accuse anyone of anything.
It takes someone really gullible or foolish to believe everything without question.
Trust but verify. Not everyone is a liar but some most certainly are.

Having observed for years and then experienced people try their hardest to destroy others with lies, I cannot suffer the malicious nor hateful diligently especially when they mask their wicked agenda with compassion for the oppressed or solidarity with any movement.

The man or woman who chooses to love or have casual sex with a single, married or divorced person isn’t oppressed. He/she makes a choice. To lie about it is ignoble and downright disgusting.

Those of lawful consenting or marrying age who willingly have sexual relations with persons of their choice are not victims. They are consenting participants in intercourse for 2.

Whatever stories are later told, like any allegation of murder, grand larceny, assault or fraud must be verified and then prosecuted based on truth as substantiated by facts.

If true, prosecute and convict. If false, those who allege must be prosecuted too.
Why? Because people lie.

The beautiful, ugly, high, low, educated, illiterate, sophisticated and ignorant tell all kinds of lies when it suits them, especially when they can use their chicanery to make a buck, get at people they have fallen out with, are jealous of or wish to harm.

Plain, selfish, concocted, protracted, impish, rubbish, malicious lies that waste public funds, time and space.

Savvy or socially clumsy individuals who go and have sex with a person of their choice only to come back to spite and attack them for malice or some curious gain are horrible beings no better than those who forcefully have sex with the weak and unwilling. Sadly there’s one such liar in some deserted lover/ attention-seeker/ delusional ex/ belittled mate/ angry lone parent/ hungry reporter in most post codes transposing their angst onto all who get sex or have a steady relationship with any loving being. Sex envy is real.

The age of consent as well as marriage is enshrined in law. So long as males and females are above these numbers, whom they choose to lay down with and procreate may be an eye sore to the holier-than-thou and hypocritical but people will choose who & what they like. Sorry if that’s not you.
The truth remains that females today chase after males in like manner, if not more cunningly and aggressively, as males did in the noughties. The beguiling professional lady, the cozying up and rubbing close of the needy like an unfed cat, and force-skinning of the greedy like a groupie-wannabe is laughable. Bevies of daughters of the absent, the careless, the indolent, even the rich and educated are on the prowl to lure, tickle, wiggle, blow and swallow for every kind of need or favor; food, clothing, shelter, tuition, stipend, job, pleasure, cellphone, invitations to events, tickets to social recognition, social media notoriety, transport, vacations & proximity to some fame, any kind of fortune or power.

The males often want beauty, service and youthful exuberance. The females often want money, fame, comfort and power. The proof of these are as endless as they are intriguing, and they stare us daily in our streets, malls, colleges & workplaces.

For every crime, there is a criminal and a victim. It is just getting difficult to tell who is who in some of the stories people keenly share on social media rather than pursue with Law Enforcement and the Judiciary if they believe their own truth or hype.

Processes and institutions exist that should work honestly and diligently once anyone reports a crime or misdemeanor.In the full knowledge, however, that people with an agenda or under duress lie everyday, EVIDENCE must be the essence & name of the game.

Should we hang a woman on the claim of a cuckold husband spreading falsehoods in search of vengeance?Should we hang a man on the claim of an angry unmarried lady he no longer desires to be with? Should we pause, think and verify or merely assume that anything said by anyone is true?
The wicked, disgruntled, deluded, cuckold or dishonest are free to make any claims but if all personal, non-verifiable assertions were considered truth, there would be no need for the Police nor Courts of Law.

Forget not the evil & shame of Ghanaians just like you in Denkyira-Obuase.
Forget not the cold murder of a father & husband because of a lie told and believed by scum in the centre of the earth, amongst them a woman who is blessed with womb to bear child too.

Forget not the imprisonment of a man for 26 years on a falsehood perpetrated by a woman who has since confessed the evil she did with a lie to put away the rivals of her drug-peddling boyfriend. The 1992 convictions of VanDyke Perry and Gregory Counts for rape, sodomy and kidnapping were vacated in New York after prosecutors joined attorneys for Perry and Counts on a motion asking a State Supreme Court judge in Manhattan to vacate the convictions because of new DNA evidence and the woman’s change of story.
“It is every prosecutor’s nightmare to convict an innocent person,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. said in a statement.

If there is anyone in this world who serves as an example for all who are so gullible as to fall for anyone playing the pity card, it is the young white woman Nikki Yovino, 19 of Long Island, N.Y. who admitted to falsely accusing two black football players of rape all because she thought it would help her get the attention of another person she was hoping to date. Less than 6 months ago she was sentenced to jail for her malice but forget not that in the aftermath of her lies, the two young men who were accused ended up having to leave school after they lost their scholarships. They lost their opportunities for education, athletic, and future life success all because a desperate young woman wanted a date. Think on this before you spread any unverified allegation because of your gullibility, jealousy or hate.

Forget not the saga of The Scottsboro Boys; 9 young black men falsely accused of raping 2 white women on board a train near Scottsboro, Alabama in 1931. Convicted and facing execution, the case of Charlie Weems, Ozie Powell, Clarence Norris, Olen Montgomery, Willie Roberson, Haywood Patterson, Eugene Williams, and Andrew and Leroy Wright sparked international demonstrations and succeeded in both highlighting the racism of the American legal system and in overturning the conviction. On March 25, 1931, 9 unemployed young black men, illegally riding the rails and looking for work, were taken off a freight train at Scottsboro, Alabama and held on a minor charge. The Scottsboro deputies found 2 white women, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price, and pressured them into accusing the 9 youths of raping them on board the train. The charge of raping white women was an explosive accusation, and within two weeks the Scottsboro Boys were convicted and 8 sentenced to death, the youngest, Leroy Wright at age 13, to life imprisonment.
Eventually, one of the white women, Ruby Bates, came forward to repudiate her testimony, acknowledging that she and Price had been pressured into falsely accusing the Scottsboro Boys, and she became part of the campaign to save their lives. The case eventually went to the United States Supreme Court in 1937, and the lives of the nine were saved, though it was almost twenty years before the last defendant was freed from prison. But for the unbearable shame of the women in the face of cross examination that led them to reveal the truth, every one of those young innocent men and boys would have been lynched whilst a hateful majority sat aloof and watched. Today YOU are part of that majority.

After the lies, persecution and commentary, we are still waiting for any statement by Ewureffe from the Police and DPP. Over 4 years on, there is still none.
Question every story. Many just don’t add up. Verify every allegation, no matter how scrupulous or ludicrous the accuser lest you criminalize your own family and friends tomorrow with your eagerness to attack those you envy or dislike today.

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