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Who Said Stonebwoy Killed His Mum Finally REVEALED

Shatta Wale has always been a blowhard who says what he wants without thinking then benefiting from the controversy that ensures afterwards – but for some reason he’s fighting really hard to deny he ever said Stonebwoy killed his mum.

Wale has personally denied saying that in a recent interview and his brother has also backed him up, revealing who they believe said that Stonebwoy killed his mum which he has decided to blame on Shatta Wale.

In an interview on Joy Fm Monday, Flossy Blade denied that Shatta ever said Stonebwoy killed his mum.

According to him, as far as they know Stonebwoy saw the statement online and attributed it to Shatta in his mind.

“Shatta never said that and I don’t remember my brother going hard on him to say he killed the mum. All I know is a fan made a comment under his post on Instagram, and he (Stonebwoy) came saying that fan should be able to gather courage and tell him that in his face when he sees him somewhere or anywhere,” Blade told Naa Ashorkor.

“…Its even all over the place, the evidence is out on social media, that this is the guy who said this and it’s a fan.”

He added that Stonebwoy attributing what an SM fan said to Wale doesn’t make sense.

As far as we know though Stonebwoy has been mad at Shatta Wale far longer than that fan’s comments,which only happened within the past few months .

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